Terms and conditions of booking

Guarantee payment, Stay payment

When booking a stay, payment of a guarantee payment is requested. It amounts to € 85, to be attached to the booking voucher, plus € 25 booking fees, for a total amount of € 110. It can be paid by check, wire transfer or credit card over the phone. In the case of renting a mobile home, a second deposit of € 150 must reach the Campsite no later than 2 months before the expected date of arrival.

If you book after this date, you will therefore have to pay 260 € (110 € + 150 €). Finally, in the case of a reservation of a mobile home, the stay must be settled by the customer, at the latest one month before the scheduled date of arrival, by a third payment. Failure to receive these deposit payments on time, the campsite will automatically consider the reservation as canceled.

Payment of the total amount of the stay is made in advance, on arrival for pitches and in the month preceding arrival for rentals. Stays must always be paid in full, in accordance with the dates and criteria appearing on the booking form filled in by the customer. In fact, the customer undertakes by contract to respect his commitments, even if he decides later, for any reason whatsoever, (regardless or not of his will) to leave the campsite before the end of the reserved stay.

Reservation confirmation

The Campsite will confirm the reservation by letter or email, upon receipt of the deposit. In the absence of availability, the campsite will notify the customer and return the guarantee payment.

Arrival / Departure

The camping plots are rented per night from noon to noon. Any departure after 12 noon necessarily entails the invoicing of an additional night.

The mobile homes are rented from Saturday 4 p.m. to the following Saturday 12 p.m. at the latest. No extension of stay can be considered, except with the prior agreement of the campsite. People who have booked must take possession of their pitch or mobile home before 7:00 p.m. on the day of arrival provided for in the booking form. Otherwise, the campsite will be free to re-let them, unless a written agreement has been agreed between the campsite and the customer, for an arrival after the stipulated time. In addition, in the event of a late arrival in the evening (after 6 p.m.), the customer is asked to inform the campsite a few hours before by telephone. Any arrival before the scheduled time exposes the customer to not being able to occupy the chosen facility without prior agreement with the campsite management.

The rates for mobile homes are based on 6 people or 8 people for the MH 3 bedrooms. Customers renting mobile homes must leave them in a perfectly clean condition, and in accordance with the inventory signed on arrival. Otherwise, the campsite will invoice any cleaning, replacement of equipment, repair or other necessary and will retain the cost from the deposit, given on arrival by the customer.

The caution

Two deposit checks will be given on arrival and will be kept with your file. A first of 350 € to guarantee the return of the rented equipment in good condition, a second of 50 € to guarantee the state of cleanliness when the rented equipment is returned. 3 inventories will be made, the first will be carried out before your arrival, by the campsite, the second by yourself on your arrival, the third by the campsite before your departure. Your deposit will be returned to you upon departure if everything is in order.

Cancellation and Refund

The deposit paid for rentals is not refundable in the event of cancellation, for any reason. The deposit paid for the reservation of a plot will be refunded for 50% of their amount, in the event of cancellation received by the campsite no later than 40 days before the date of arrival. It is the customer's responsibility to insure, if desired, against any risk of cancellation. No complaint will be taken into consideration if it has not been made at the campsite reception within 48 hours of arrival.


Anyone staying on the Campsite agrees to comply with the Internal Regulations which are displayed in the reception desk. Any serious breach of this regulation may result in his expulsion, without any reimbursement. Luggage and personal belongings of customers are always left at the entire risk and peril of the latter on the Campsite which can in no case be held responsible in the event of loss or theft.